I love being a quilter and I have the best job there is: teaching people how to quilt. I came to quilting in a round-about way, and never looked back. After 38 years I still find it exciting, exhilarating, and incredibly satisfying. Quilting has given me the opportunity to create, invent, share, and meet wonderful people. I'm never bored and I can't wait to get up in the morning. Come join the fun!

I just picked up Ami's Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern from the printer yesterday afternoon (April 16). Debbie and I will be shipping out the patterns you pre-ordered starting today. While we are shipping, you can still pre-order!

Quilting is always more fun when things go together easily. My Free Newsletter is chock full of tips and tricks to help you achieve success. Having great tools in your sewing basket really helps too. Check out my store to learn about the tools I use. They might help you too! And, if you ever get bogged down on a project and need some help, let me know. No question is too silly. I'd be happy to try and help. AmiSimms@aol.com

If this is your first time visiting here, please shoot me an email and introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you! AmiSimms@aol.com (It's OK; I'm harmless. I won't share your email address with anybody and I won't stalk you either. Promise.)

"I am a quilter, so this website was like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped together. I found items I never knew existed. The icing on the cake was Ami Simms' wonderful sense of humor. Great place to shop and a chuckle or two as well. What more could you ask for!"
Debra Longobardi
Phoenixville, PA