The Worst Quilt In The World Contest™

The WORST Quilt In The World Contest®
Born of shameless promotion for my then "new" book, How Not To Make A Prize-Winning Quilt, The WORST Quilt In The World Contest™ was held yearly from 1995 to 1997.

Winning entrants were rewarded with terrific prizes to ease the agony of victory. Non-winning entrants experienced the joy of defeat when told their quilts were too good to win. Somewhere, somehow, SOMEBODY birthed a quilt worse than theirs! The moral? Everybody who quilts is a winner!

Pop a Rolaids and enjoy the show.

Slide your mouse over this quilt...

Think you have a quilt that could keep company with past winners? Share your quilt on-line as a "Worst Quilt Wannabe!" Only truly hideous quilts will be awarded this special status. (And I'll be the judge of THAT!)

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